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2x PESSO Eco Cockroach Bait (2 Stations per Pack) & 2x PESSO Eco Ant Bait (2 Bait Stations per Pack)

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Pesso's Eco Cockroach Bait is designed to be effective against all major pest species of cockroaches including German, American, Brownbanded and oriental cockroaches.

The main active ingredient is Indoxacarb, which works effectively as both attractant and carrier. And entire colonies of these pesky cockroached are soon eliminated.

The killing process is implemented at 3 levels :

1. The Primary Kill
This is where a few male cockroaches are initially attracted to the bait and feed on the gel and return to the nest and along the way disperse the gel to other cockroaches.

2. The Secondary Kill
The initial batch of cockroaches eventually die in the nest and other cockroaches there will eat them and suffer the same fate.

3. The Tertiary Kill
Cockroaches which return to other nest repeat that process leading to more cockroaches killed.

Eco Cockroach Bait is ideal for use in homes, offices as well as large-scale facilities including restaurants, warehouses, hotels, transportational vehicles, ships and vessels, and factories.

Natural Ingredients Place one ant bait unit at the area where ants are detected.The ants will consume the bait and return it to the nest, distributing the bait to the colony members. Eventually, the whole colony will be eliminated. The main ingredient in Pesto Eco Ant Bait is Boric Acid, which is able to act as a carrier to the colony.

1. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
2.Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in a cool place.
3. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush with running water immediately.
4. If accidentally swallowed, drink water and seek medical attention.

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