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Kleenso Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner 600ML

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Kleenso Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaner is specially formulated to cleans, disinfects and removes tough stains, leaves a fresh clean scent. Our formula effectively dissolves tough stains, removes dirt and grime. Our bottle has an angled spout to target hard-to-reach areas, especially under the rim. This bottle is easy to use and requires no direct contact with the cleaner or the bowl. - Long Lasting Fragrance - Anti-bacterial & tough clean - Protect ceramic Kleenso Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach clean and shine all porcelain surface toilet bowl. It is able to remove tough stains on mosaic and homogeneous tile. The Anti-Bacterial formulation is able to kill germ and dispel odour. It will not decolorize porcelain surface, if strictly follow the instruction. Active Ingredients: Sulphotic Acid, Linear Alkly Benzene, Purfume and Water. Directions: 1. Please wear glove. 2. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to first use. 3. Wet the surface. 4. Apply directly to the surface that you wish to clean. 5. For old grimy surface, scrub with scouring pad or brush. 6. Rinse or flush off with clean water. Cautions: 1. Avoid Contact with eyes. 2. If accidentally for into eyes, flush with running water immediately. 3. If accidentally swallow, drinks lot of water. Seek medical attention. 4. Keep out of reach of children.