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KLEENSO Eco Serai Wangi Pest Repellent Cleaner Spray - Anti-Bacterial Pest Control Spray - 500ml

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1. Kleenso Serai Wangi (citronella) Pest Repellent cleaner uses natural serai wangi oil as base and comes with anti-bacterial agent.

2. It is the best and a safe way to repel insects such as mosquito, flies, cockroaches, ants and lizards.

3. It contains a mild cleaner (2 in 1) which can clean the surface and repel the insects especially the flies all in one action.

4. Just spray frequently to table, cabinet, chair floor, kitchen and wipe.

5. After 2 weeks, you will find all surfaces clean and bright, yet insects reduce.

1. Spray, leave 1 minute.
2. Then wipe.
3. Rinse well with clean wet cloth

1) Keep out of reach of children
2) Avoid contact eyes, if accidentally got into eyes, flush with running water immediately and seek medication
3) Test in an inconspicuous area prior to first use

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