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Pesso Eco Bed Bug Removal- (2x 500ml)

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1. Non-Pesticide Ingredients using natural mineral
2. Toxin-free / does not leave toxic residue behind
3. Environmentally friendly
4. Ideal to remove Bed Bug, Psocid and Fungus Cabinet
5. Avoid from children or direct contact on food
6. Please allow up to one week to get rid of bed bug as we are using pesticide free ingredients.
7. When this product spray on the body of bed bug, it takes time for bed bugs skin to crack and die. Scent-free and will not stain or damage fabrics, can be sprayed directly on mattresses, carpets and furniture.
8. Able to clean and remove fungus on cabinet. Spray and wipe with wet cloth after 3 days to remove the fungus. Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.

1. Non-Pesticide Ingredients, therefore, need around 1 week to eliminates the bed bug.
2. The bed bug will move, when this product sprayed, the product will crack the skin of the bed bug and die.
3. As fungus on the cabinet, just spray and leave it for 3 days. And wipe with a wet cloth to remove the fungus.

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